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Mach 4 Series of waterjets contains the most advanced waterjet technology in the industry.

When it comes to waterjets, nothing compares to the Mach 4 Series.

The Mach 4c model’s modular design allows for unique configurations and customization to meet a variety of individual needs — now and in the future.

Our Mach 4c Series includes our exclusive HyperPressure™ Technology, as well as our advanced Dynamic Waterjet® XD technology for faster, more accurate bevel and 3D cutting. This unique design allows the Mach 4c to accommodate up to four cutting heads.
Operator Convenience


  • Enhanced Workpiece Visibility
    Exclusive under-bridge LED lighting provides increased visibility, helping to improve part accuracy and reduce operator fatigue.
  • Mach4c_OpCon_roll_around

  • Roll Around Control
    Move freely about your waterjet, taking your touch screen control console with you for convenience.
  • Mach4c_OpCon_step

  • Accessibility Step
    The machine design provides optimal system stability. It can also be used as an integrated operator step, for additional access to your workpiece as needed.
  • Mach4c_OpCon_air_water

  • Handy Air & Water Connections
    Easily access air and water, both on the same hand-held connection.
  • Mach4c_OpCon_toe_kick

  • Ergonomic Toe-Kick
    Designed with the operator in mind, the unique toe-kick allows for comfortable access to your materials and parts.

The Best Ride
Waterjet performance and cut part quality depend heavily on the motion system. The Mach 4 features a state-of-the-art drive system, the Nexen Roller Pinion System (RPS).
Offered exclusively by Flow, this special motion system combines the best features of linear motors, precision ball screws and pinion systems without the compromises.
Achieve speed and accuracy with zero backlash.

Modular Design
Unlike any other system available, this easily expandable modular design allows your waterjet system to grow with your business.
Add increased capabilities and cutting area as needed

Standard Features

  • Enhanced Workpiece Visibility
  • Four-sided Access with Integrated Step
  • Handy Air & Water Connections
  • Ergonomic Toe-Kick
  • Roll Around Control
  • Autolube

Options and Accessories

  • Remote Handheld Pendant
  • Stainless Steel Catcher Tank
  • Workpiece Fixturing System
  • Multiple Cutting Heads
  • HydroCleanTM Abrasive Removal System
  • Ultrapierce TM Material Piercing Assist
  • High-Pressure Pump Option rated up to 94,000 psi (6,500 bar)
  • Large Capacity Bulk Abrasive Hopper
  • ProXtractTM Part Removal Wand
  • Spray Containment Package
  • And More


Repeatability 0.001 in 0.025 mm
Maximum Speed (Traverse) 1.400 ipm 36 m/min
Maximum Speed (Cut) 1.000 ipm 25 m/min
Z Travel 12 in 305 mm
Bridge (x-axis) 6.5 ft. 10 ft.13 ft 2 m. 3 m. 4 m.
Base (y-axis) 6.5 ft-46 ft 2 m-14 m(1 m increments)