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Flow Performance Made Affordable.The Mach 2 Series outperforms the standard waterjet offerings in the industry and wins in VALUE.
Excellent Work Table Accessibility on a Machine Built for the Rigors of Waterjet Cutting
With robust mechanical design, integrated machine systems, intuitive user control, multiple table sizes, and several configurations available, the Mach 2b Series sets you up for success.

The core components of our Mach 2b waterjets series – including Paser abrasive cutting system, pump technology, and FlowMaster software – are the very same components found on our elite Mach 3 and Mach 4 waterjet series.
With a Mach 2b you won’t sacrifice performance, structural integrity, or the overall quality of your system. In fact, its solid steel casting construction and precision reciprocating ball screws are components often found in other manufacturers premium machines.
Special Features:

  • Core components include Flow’s Paser abrasive cutting system, pump technology, and FlowMaster software
  • 3-sided easy access to your workpiece
  • Large diameter ball screw drive system
  • Unique autolube system
  • Rigid construction for structural integrity
  • Roll-around control
  • Multiple pump configurations
  • Heavy duty material support
  • Solid steel casting construction
  • World class Flow service available 24/7 365 days per year


Options and Accessories:

  • UltraPierce™ cutting system – for optimal piercing performance on stone, glass, and laminated materials
  • Multiple head option, including patented Paser abrasive cutting system for peak performance
  • Using the Mach 2bCuts higher precision parts with a variety of software packages available, including FlowMaster easy to use software
  • FlowNest software – with full geometric software with scrap remenant control (small parts are automatically nested within larger parts)
  • FlowShift Vectorization software – converts images, sketches, and line drawings to vector formats in minutes
  • Smart Stream technology
  • Interchangeable pure waterjet and abrasive waterjet cutting head systems available to cut a wide variety of materials
  • Final filtration system
  • Variety of pump configurations up to 60,000 psi
  • Professional classroom training; as well as on-site familiarization with every machine
  • Widest variety of Sapphire, Ruby or Diamond orifices to match every application

Mach 2b Models:

  • 1313b
    Work envelope: 1.30m x 1.30m (4.3ft x 4.3ft)
  • 2031b
    Work envelope: 2.00m x 3.10m (6.6ft x 10.1ft)
  • 4020b
    Work envelope: 4.00m x 2.00m (13.1ft x 6.6ft)


Accuracy(+/-) 0.005" inch per 3' feet at 68° ± 3°F(± 0.127 mm per 1M at 20° ± 3°C)
Repeatability (+/-) 0.0025" inch at 68° ± 3°F(0.0635 mm at 20° ± 3°C)
Speed Range Up to 400 ipm